In Loving Memory of

In loving memory of my precious Susan Combs, who I know is in heaven with the Lord. She loved the Lord so much and had such a big heart. It's been almost 3 weeks now but it seems like only yesterday when your father (who should have loved and protected you) gunned you down as you left work that night. You were only 22 years old and so full of life. You had such a beautiful smile. I called you my "Sunshine" because that's what you were to me . . . my Susie Sunshine. You always shined! You ARE so special to me. You brought so much joy in to all our lives and you will never be forgotten. Without the love of God and the faith that I have; I could not have made it this far since that night. I know the Lord will reunite us again some sweet day and I will be with my Susie Sunshine again; but until then, we will miss you and YOUR BIG SWEET SMILE so very much. Goodbye for now, until we are together again.

Your loving mother, Sharon Combs



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