In Loving Memory of
Betty J Pederson, Schroeder, Rupp

We love and miss you so much. It's only been a month and I can hardly see my way, what will I do for the rest of my life? Troy went home, I took some of the garden stuff and plan on going back for more, we read the last Jurnal, the one Aunt Dea hid, I'm glad she did, we were not ready to read it then. I can handle that you had some negative feelings thats expected, we are all human after all... but we never, ever, ever laughed at your life on the farm, we all respected and loved your work out there, we appreciated all of the beautiful canned goods, jelly and such and I know you knew that... I hope you were just having a down day and that in your heart you knew the truth. We love you and will miss your life, that brought us such a great home to go to, and we never ever ever laughed not ever. I miss you Mom.

Your loving daughter, Terri



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