In Loving Memory of
Frankie Berndt

Home Again On our way home once again... Only you won't be there. We pull up to the house We walk thru the door Only to stop in our tracks and stare, Because you won't be here anymore. I can see you at the counter With your hand slapping your thigh, Your head is tilted back with laughter As Dad and I walk by. I see you in the back yard Checking out the trees. I see you sitting on the swing With Kino on your knees. I see you with your feet up As you ask about our trip. But, then I face reality, It's time to get a grip. As I go to unpack my clothes And toss my purse on the bed, I hear you call out, "Hey Mom!" Then realize it is all in my head. As I go to turn out the lights I hear your footsteps shuffle on the tile floor. Then, I know I am really home again... Because you won't be here anymore!

You are missed, you are loved. You were our gift from God. You are in my heart...always, Mom



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