In Loving Memory of
Jamie Eric (Jay)

REMEMBERING: Half my heart is buried here, in this quiet country graveyard. It's a peaceful place.. Uncle Frank is just down there, my old school friend is nearby.. you've finally come home, dear heart. If only you could be here to share our days. Grampie brings you wildflowers, and he makes sure I get to come visit whenever I'm on the island. We miss you when the family gets together and your old friends come by with their children. The empty space is hard to bear...your little brother cries because he never got to know you, and the niece you adored has her own little boy now. He comes with me sometimes, to the "cemtery, where Aunt Dawn takes flowers sometimes". You'd have loved him.. he has dimples and big blue eyes, like you did. Life goes on in its way, but there's a heaviness now, always the "if only". I talk to you all the time, love, and you can't argue now!! I miss you, I love you, I'd give the world to see you one more time, my dearest, child of my youth, my rebel, my wild child. You're never more than a thought and a tear away, my love. Sleep in're not lost far from home anymore.

For my Jamie, who lost his fight with drug addiction and AIDS at age 29, in August, 2000. From Mama (Dawn L., Deer Island, NB, Canada)



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