In Loving Memory of
Luciano "Lou" Fiessi

It is 2 years now since you have died. You are still as loved and maybe more beloved than when you were alive. I miss you everyday but especially around this time of year when you died and when your funeral was. I miss you on Father's Day, on your birthday. I light candles in your memory at a local church. I will never ever forget all the things that you taught me and all the things which we shared. Unfortunately one of the things we shared was the fact that for a long time my depression was resistant to medication and treatment, and when you were ill your body did not react the way people hoped that you would. Everyone you knew in New Jersey misses you and I'm sure that all of the people whose lives you touched in the Dominican Republic miss your visits there. I am still volunteering 3 days a week, I'm finally losing weight just like you wanted me too. My health is improving and so is my life. I finally paid off all those NJ parking tickets and hope to get a California driver's license this year. I may eventually get a paid job here at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, at least I plan to some day. That way everything that you ever wanted me to do is coming true now. You are still my inspiration, my hero, and my reason for continuing to live a fulfilling life.

Anita Fiessi, your loving, inspired, eldest daughter



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