In Loving Memory of
Susan L Combs

To our SWEET SWEET Suzy who is walking hand in hand with the LORD in HEAVEN . The same way you did on earth ,WE all love and miss you so much. Even though its only been ONE WEEK today it feels like it was only yesterday,that you were gunned down by your COLD HEARTED FATHER at the precious age of 22. BABY I want you to know just how much you touched my life and brought us all so much JOY !!!!!! I DONALD WAYNE GRIFFITH make you this SOLOM promise, that I will never let your sweet sweet name ever be lost or forgotten. NO one listened to you 3weeks ago but through me they will here you now. I LOVE and MISS YOU BABY more than I ever thought POSSIBLE. I do have faith the lord will reunite us again one sweet day. Untill then WE ALL LOVE YOU as much as life itself GOOD BY FOR NOW your BIG BROTHER.




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