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My Father my best friend: Five years ago God took you away and still I dont no why? Each and every day I cry I miss you so Inside, My father was a big man and in his house there was always room for one more at his table. You are my teach still today you linger on. Your grandaughter is so much like you I have to hide for her not to see me cry. Shes helpful like you she is loving like me. You tought me well daddy. If there was a way to see you just once or even talk like we always did. I would have to tell you again how your love saved me you are wonderful dad. I miss you more than you will ever no. You have given me a wonderful life and you always new when to hold my hand God took you away to soon. Take good care of mom someday we will meet agin my dear dad.My tears will never go away and still I dont now why I wish you could reach down and hold my hand.with you dad I always could stand. You arenot just my father You will always be my best friend..You are missed...

Thank you to the man who gave me life, love, laughter. You were the father to my daughter when hers desided not to stay Love cassandra



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