In Loving Memory of
Dominique Todt

Dear Dominique,

You were like a sister to me and i miss you terribly. When you passed, i thought i had lost all self-control. I didn't believe that the one true friend that has helped me out the most, left me. I know you're now in a better place but i miss seeing you smile, hearing you sing and being there for me when i need you the most because now i need you. i love you Dominique. There's not a day, an hour, a minute, or a second that goes by without a thought of you. I also want to thank you for being such a good friend. You and your mom helped me when i was pregnant. When i thought my life was ending, you helped me stay on my feet and finish high school and your mom helped with clothes and donations. You didn't turn against me or think less of me because of that and i love you so much for giving me your strength. I admire you for everything that you have accomplished. You were an incredible dancer and because of that, i'm going to try it. I miss you so much and i don't know how i can still manage. Elissa is getting big. She'll be 3 in October. I don't know if you'll ever see this page but for our friends and families, i think this might help cope with your loss. I love you now and forever Dominique. May you forever rest in peace. Love ALWAYS, Nancy and Elissa



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