In Loving Memory of
Douglas Scott Blake

DEAR DADDY... I never got the chance to say I LOVE YOU one more time or to let you know i care.. I was a daddys lil girl and on may 27th someone decided it was time for you to go...WHY??? I ask this everyday...My children miss grandpa doug so much...And so do I.. Daddy why did you have to go and turn on that street you always said not to travel??/ Why didn't i get a chance to say goodbye???Your were the center of our family an true american hero too..You raised 3 of us alone for 12 years as a single father and you raised this baby to know how to be strong.I will look at the stars and wish on them daily when i think of you...I hope god is as nice as you said he would be and i pray you finally got to meet jimi hendrix . I love you daddy and no matter what you will always be in my heart. Thank you for the life and the love and the lessons you have given me and the heart to keep going without you here.. we love you always...

Love....chris,pj,andrea,maryanne,alex,yvette,yvonne,stephanie,and bobby...



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