In Loving Memory of
Sherry (sharon) kay Burchett

To the love of my life,

I will always love you and i will never leave you. You were the second best thing to come into my life. The first was god which you gave to me. You are the women of my dreams and you quickly became my best friend.

Im glad we had a few times together in which we could talk and search each others souls for you have left me with a piece of your heart and that is very precious to me. Now for some reason the words come hard for tell you how much you mean to me. i wish i had more time to give you joy in life.

But now i know your with jesus and it would be selfish for me to wish you back here. I just wish i had more time to show you that i love you..your my bestest everything and i will always love you. i will never leave you.




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