In Loving Memory of
Dustin James Ellis

My Darling son Dustin,2-21-85/3-17-2001 TO DUSTIN WITH LOVE Dustin, My tears are pouring as my memories come flooding in; Holding you in my arms, my precious baby boy, my one and only son. All the lullabies came and went too fast and so did you; I love you Dustin, believe me that is true. Rubbing your back at bedtime, oh, how I wish I could, I would rub your back until the morning light shone through, just to be next to you. You touched so many with your friendship, with your love, your wit, and your charm...Just with your sly little grin. So many hidden talents in just your smile and your mind; So much tenderness and kindness in everything you did and with everyone you met. I can see your face so clear in my mind, all I have is memories to cherish, My memories isn't enough. To help me through this life. We had so many dreams to live, I hold on hoping that one day, Mommy will be with you and you will never leave me again. Until that day I must stay and hold on to hope and memories of memories of you, my wonderful son. You were taken too soon; my tears fall like rain drops. Each day brings only tears of sadness, moments of numbness, emptiness and pain...and an aching heart; My life will never be the same. If I had only known, If only a clue; I would have held on to you. I would have never let you go. If I had only known that last day with you would have been my last chance we would have danced; Only laughter we would have known.... You would have stayed at home with me where you belong. I would never have lost you. Things I may have said or done to cause you sadness, I am truly sorry, oh so sorry. I am sorry for the things I never got to say; I was sure there would be other days. Being a mother, I took for granted each day with you, I was so sure that you would bury me........ Oh please...I am so sorry...Tell me that you understand. You were born from my womb, where I carried you inside me; For 16 years I held you in my arms. You live once more inside me, only this time it is in my heart. Forevermore, you will be constantly in my heart and my mind. Please soften me, guide me to love the one's you loved so dear; Your sister, brothers of the heart, your precious nephew, friends from afar. Help me to understand; Give me strength without guilt. "How do I live, oh, how do I love, how do I hide my pain?" Things left unsaid, things left unfinished will remain. Only one thing is left the same-faith and hope that one day, my sweet Dustin, we will be together again, without pain or sorrow...for all eternity. I was always so proud to have you in my life; proud of the young man you were becoming. I thank you, my sweet Dustin, for your intensity in life, with family, friends, your sister, and your sweet nephew Jacob, and me... Jacob, will always remind me that you are here with me... I Miss You My Precious Dustin and I Love You. Forever Your Mom

Mother of Dustin James Ellis/Melanie Woolum



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