In Loving Memory of
Thomas Wenzel Culver

Brother,I miss you so much...I am not sure that I will ever except you being gone.You were such a good man Tom,but the alcohol mad you mad.I wish I could have helped you with your pain,then maybe you'd still be here.But I cant blame myself Tom,you did what you felt you had to do and I will never hate you for it.People always say that God will not give you more than you can handle but I disagree.Your pain got the best of you brother.You were one of the funniest people I ever knew.Ya sure you made me mad sometimes but I always loved you and always will.Your little buddy is ok too.He misses you like crazy and it is hard for him but I am taking good care of him.I am very confused about after death,but I am trying hard to beleive that you are in heaven with our father.I asked God to forgive you for your sins and bless your soul for what you did was not done in cold blood.And I also hope that you and molly are together and happy.I know you loved her with all your heart even if you were unsure at times. It is a tragedy that you killed her and then hung yourself,but only the poeople who knew and loved you,will ever understand your pain.You and I tom had some good times together.Remember the lawn mower?lol I will never forget you my dear brother for you were and still are my only brother and dont worry I will take care of mom and your lil buddy and watch over your kids too.God Bless you Brother!!!Rest In Peace

In Beautiful Rememberance of My Brother Thomas W. Culver 9-6-75/6-26-02 Love with you always, your sister,michelle M. culver



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