In Loving Memory of
Angela McDonald Riddle

Angie it seems like i just saw you yesterday i cant get over the fact that you are gone even though you passed from this earth thanksgiving day novemeber 28,1996 i know you are always near by i was was sent a miracle and i know it was to let me know you are ok i was due to have my baby girl 4 weeks after you were killed that awlful thanksgiving morning i guess we will never no what happened we dont know if you feel asleep or if someone run you off the road but i know that you are with god because the next night after you wrecked i had came to see you at the funeral home everyone told me not to go but i wouldnt have missed seeing you one last time for the world but after i left my water had broke and i had a beautiful daughter the next morning the day of your funeral i will always believe that was a sign that you were ok i love and miss you more and more everday girl i wish we were still little girls playing at ma and paws house with the vegtables from the garden but i know you went to a better place tell paw and uncle junior hi and i love them i miss you all. In Loving Memory of Angela McDonald Riddle From:June 20,1996 to November,28 1996

love always your cousin Brandy Brewer Loudermilk



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