In Loving Memory of
Mathew Guy Utovich

Mathew, We never got the chance to know you as much as we"d liked. I know your life was very hard, I wish we could have been there for you. I do think of you, and your mother everyday, and I know your in gods hands now. and thats the best place you can be. I pray for your little brother.{eddie} He really took it hard, loosing you and his mother. We all comforted him,We tried to help him get through this sad sad time in his life. I know your with your mom now, and I hope your pain is gone. I guess it"s just selfish of us to miss you, cause your with god now,i know you are, you are a very good child. We love you! and we miss you both! I think of your mom every single day. I can"t wait to see you both again.

Tell your mom, i said hello.And its just not fair you both had to go.I miss you too dearly. Its so sad. God better realize what he you too!!! I"ll always love you matt. your aunty Cheryl



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