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TATUM MARIE NELSON B: July 8, 1976 D: September 18, 2001 ** How could we ever forget our loss that day. When the world just seemed to have passed away. When news of 9-11 exactly one week before, Was so horrific, but was made even more…. Devastating by what you did. ** How we loved you for your charm and wit. And your beauty was so great we will never forget. Which made what you did that day so unbelievably unreal. Because you had so much to live for, yet you wanted to kill…. Us all by your selfish act. ** We don’t know what made you do that which was so unwise. Because your light shined brightly in all of our lives. Even your family, whom you thought had forgotten you, Were so distraught by the news, even though they knew…. Somehow you were gone. ** You were like a daughter to us and a blessing to know. You were a spring flower waiting to blossom and grow. A bright ray of sunshine in a world of evil and hate. Witnessed by tragedies that will forever be a date…. Sept - 11 and now Sept - 18. ** Sometimes I think you may have done what was right for you. Because you must have been so miserable and no one knew. It is hard to hide forever mentally that which is so bad. I just wished you could have sensed we were so glad… To have known and loved you. ** We think of you and what could have been… everyday. As Sept 11 approaches we are somber and we pray. For all the lives that were lost that September day and for you. Whom the following week would shatter our world and make us blue… And know you forever only in our hearts. ** If you knew how beautiful you were, you never showed it. You treated everyone the same, but didn’t know it. You were as beautiful inside as well as out. It made us so mad it made us cry and shout… WHY!! **We miss you deeply,

Carolyn, Aimee and Jerry



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