In Loving Memory of
Charles John Simkins

My father, Chuck Simkins passed away early this morning. He has battled a rare form of lung cancer, Mesothylioma. It is a brutal disease that he fought hard for 3 years. He had good times and bad times through the years of the disease. But, through it all he always had a positive outlook, i believe that was for our mother , more than himself. She took care of him herself and would not even let anyone help. It was like it was personal between them. He always knew good and well that he would go to the Heavenly Father when he called and knowing that it so comforting. My Dad was a great father , husband, and grandfather. all the people that know him, loved him for the way he was. Honest and True and Loyal...I love you Dad with all my heart and will miss you with all i have. your middle daughter.



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