In Loving Memory of

Dear Roc, Today is your Birthday, Happy birthday son. I miss you so much, I would give anything to just be able to look into your face and to hold you in my arms one more time. But I have my memories and no one can take that away from me. I remember your birthday was the first one to start everything off. We would have a celebration with your friends and I think I celebrated more than you. You was a joy Rakeim, God gave me twenty yrs with you and if I knew it was going to end like this I would have treasured every day with you. I am learning to live each day without you. God has been my source of strength without him I could not go on. I look at your pictures, I remember the funny things that you would say or do. I am so sorry son that you had a rocky childhood. Drugs and alcohol denied you the childhood that you deserved. You are a lovely person with a kind heart and a gentle disposition. You was quiet and I wish that you could have came to me so that I could have helped you. God has you now. My sweet son I love you and I can hear you telling me now that I must continue this journey with out you. Some days I can take giant steps, but today I must take baby steps. My sweet baby rest now and with God you now have found the peace and the happiness that you deserve. I Love you baby, God take care of my baby. He was yours first, than you gave him to me and now you have him home again with you. Kiss him for me and tell him I love him. Bye baby Love mom.

Love Mom Wanda



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