In Loving Memory of
My mommy sandy (sandra)

mommy ,i loved you with all my heart. And i still do. But i miss you alot you left me and i am only 11 . it breaks my heart because you died in a carcrash. no one knows how i feel they act like they do but they dont . daddy and i miss you! and you werent evan there when i started 6th grade ...... i know it is what i want but i cant have it i want you to come back to our home i cry every night and i am crying now . i love you very much and please come back home mommy i miss calling you mommy and you saying tiffy i love you but i cant hear you anymore please let me hear you or give me a sighn that you still want to be my mommy................ love you and always will Tiffany your daughter

tiffany and dad



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