In Loving Memory of
Jack Arthur Voisard

Once in a lifetime you meet and fall in love with someone who totally is your very breath and soul. I found such a person in my fiance Jack. He and I were totally and completely in love, and still are, for life goes on and I know he is happy and at peace. We spent a happy and fulfilling last year of his life together, but little did I know it would be the last year I would see him alive. There is hope for those who have lost loved ones, as I still receive ADCs from him all the time and the love never, ever dies. We will meet again and be together some day. He was a wonderful, loving, giving, caring, romantic and compassionate man that I thank God I had the chance to love and to know. To my darling Jack, you are never far away from my heart. Your Angel Baby, Monique

Your fiance and your "Angel Baby", I will always love you, Monique



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