In Loving Memory of
Bruce Craig Dinger

I will never understand why God took you so soon. I will never understand why God took you so young. But I do know that I loved you deeply and completely. I will miss you all the days that I remain on this earth. I miss your smile, your gentle touch, the dedication to your life and wife and job. I will miss you calling me HundyLub. I will even miss the way you snored, although when you were here with me I hated it.

I thank you for all you gave me and continue to give me through the legacy of your love. There is so much that I want to say and that I feel inside of me that I can't express into words. Just know that I loved you with all that I am. And that I miss you so much that it hurts inside. I heard something said last night on a movie, "You left a hole so deep inside of me when you passed that it hurts when the wind blows through it." That hole will never be filled or heal. I look forward to the day that we will once again be joined together in love.

Your Wife FOREVER.... Brenda
Nov.19,1960-March 6, 2002



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