In Loving Memory of
Shelby Brooke Johnson

In Loving Memory of Shelby Brooke Johnson July 26 In Loving Memory of Shelby Brooke Johnson July 26 ;1993 March3 2002 at 10 ;oclock A.M Sunday morning. Shelby played an angel in our Children,s Christmas Play With HER innocent smile and precious face ,she looked so natural dressed that way. Shelby was an angel to her gran ma and her grandpa. And they would Always pick her up and hold her each time that she would fall. To Nanny and PAPA she was an angel all the way. Oh; the joy it would bring as they watched her laugh and play. An angel to her mother,for her dad an angel too. If she was accused of being PERFECT ;they;d both swear that it was true But; Shelby is a real angel now. Shelby is now with JESUS And we will S be with her someday But for now we will remember her as an angel in our Children;s Christma play;

We loveyou and miss you Baby See you soon Nanny and papa mama and sissy



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