In Loving Memory of
Timothy G. Rogers

My Dearest Tim, You may have been gone for six years, but my pain lives on. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and remember the love we shared. I know most of the years we had were spent as friends, but the love we had for one another was real, we did not play games or base our feelings on physical contact. I know I have to let you go in order to move on with my life, but I don't know how!! I feel as though part of me died with you and I have to find a way to bring that back to life. You have been the one true love in my life, even though I married another and had his children, I wished they had been yours. I know that could never be, too many things stood in the way. You know what they were and so do I. You once told me that you hoped when you died you could sit on a cloud and watch over me and the kids, well, I know you are doing just that. Which means you see what is happening to me slowly everyday. That is why I know you will understand why I have to let go. I will never forget you or all the wonderful things we shared. However, I am here and you are not, and this is destroying my life. I feel as though I am betraying you by letting go when I know that you would want me to be happy and have someone to love me. I have decided to burn a candle each day and pack away a few memories as it burns. I hope that by the time the candle is gone, I will have said goodbye to you enough to move on. I may let go, but I will still love you forever. You were a great friend and I miss you dearly!!!!!!

Unitl We Meet Again, Love ALWAYS, Debra



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