In Loving Memory of
Cynthia Nicole Reed

Along the road, back in town, Memories float ,in sorrow drown, Rich crimson blood, stains the gravel, Hopes, prayers and thoughts unravel, The dust of the flares, blows in the wind, There a mother, in sadness pinned, Yellow police tape, outlines the scene, People wonder, was there an agony scream? The yellow school bus, rounds the bend, But the children donít see, their beloved friend, Down the road, at the church for youth, People are looking, for the whole bloody truth, The day they have began, with no trace of light, And a child walking down, bus stop in sight, The closer and closer and closer she came, Only god knew, nothing would be the same, There in the distance, two racing cars, She thought nothing, of the upcoming horrors, The first raced by, the second did to, But not without hitting, the girl we all knew, It was Cindyís day to die, there she lays, For quite a awhile, nothing could replace her gleaming smile, Then a lady spotted the child, And to the police, the case she filed, Lights and sirens, flashing bright, this was a horrorfic sight, They did all, that they could do, But she was gone, thatís all they knew, Now to her mother, they must explain, Nomore will she see, her daughter again, Five year old brother, not knowing why, Watches his mother, begins to cry, He hugs her tight, not realizing, His family, was quickly downsizing, Plans to make, Arrangements to be made, A grave to find, under earths shade, Cindy was gone and lost forever, But no one could forget their times together, So as she lays, under her stone, Her horrific fate, is sadly unknown, But she will live on, through and through, But our lives will be without, the girl we all knew. Cynthia Nicole Reed March 15, 1986 --- October 29, 1999 R.I.P

In loving memory of your friends Jess,Maggie,Megan and Susan We miss and think of you each day Goodbye my dear friend



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