In Loving Memory of
Christian Warnecke

Dear Christian, How I miss you little boy. Though you were only on this earth a short 7 years, you left your mark on many people, your teachers at school, your classmates and so many others. Your passing has left a void in so many lives and schattered so many hearts. I am saddened that your life was taken so tragically but yet I feel a comfort that you did not go alone, your big sister Brooke went with you. In my mind, I see Brooke holding your hand (you on her left; Kitty on her right)and the three of you walking toward a bright round yellow light and you and Brooke both looking over your shoulder at us, one last time. Little boy, you are loved and missed more than words can say. I love you so much and miss you more than words can say.

Love forever, Auntie Diane



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