In Loving Memory of
Gary N. Gent

Gary, We miss you so much.You left us to soon but I'm sure God had a job for you and has kept you busy. I hope you can still play baseball ! Here's a peom that makes me think of you when I read it. To know just how he suffered would be dear,To know if any human eyes were near,To whom he could intrust his waivering gaze,until it settled firm on Paradise. To know if he was patient,part content,was dying as he thought,or different,was it a pleasant day to die,and did the sunshine face his way? What was his furthest mind,of home or God,or what the distant say at news that he ceased humane nature on such a day? And wishes,had he any? Just his sigh,accented, had been legible for me.And was he confident until ill fluttered out in the everlasting well? And if he spoke , what name was best, what first,what one broke off with at the drowiest? Was he afraid, or tranquil?Might he know how conscious consciousness could grow, till love that was, and love too blest to be, meet and the junction be Eternity?

Good Bye My Brother, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU , your sister, Jackie



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