In Loving Memory of
Larry W. Smotherman

Dad, We are all so sad that you are gone....The only thing that makes me feel any better is to think you are in a better place. The place that you worked so hard to go to, with your deep beliefs and the way you lived your life after you invited the lord into it. I think of you everyday and miss the thought of just knowing your alive and ok. I dream of you often and you are always sick and I am taking care of you. I wish I didn't have these dreams. I wish my only memory is of you healthy and happy. Our family has really just fell apart since you have gone. It has gotten so bad that nobody wants to talk to anybody anymore. What they all dont realize is that we're all hurting. We're all missing you, we all love you. Some of us are feeling less loved and others are jealous of the ones they think were loved more. But I dont think it will ever be the same. I wonder if you are there with Helene and Jon. I hope so, I hope you all have each other and are enjoying being together. We miss you all. Please watch over us Dad, please watch over Wayne too. He needs you right now. He needs you to send him the message that you love him. That he needs to stop what he's doing. Please send me a sign too that you got my message. I love you Dad and I miss you very much...

Love forever, Connie



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