In Loving Memory of
Paul Gerald Mullin

My son Paul came into this world on March 7, 1990. Two days after his birth it was discovered that he had a heart defect. He was diagonsed with hypoplastic right ventricle. When he was 3 mos. old he went into congestive heart failure and the now elective surgery became a life saving surgery. I nearly lost him. He had is second surgery at two years old. Over the next ten years he grew like a normal boy. Despite his heart condition he lead a very active life. He played baseball and loved the outdoors. I never could get him to slow down. In July of 2002 he again developed congestive heart failure. This time no surgery could repair it and he was listed for a heart transplant in September 2002. Over the next month his condition continued to deteriorate while we waited for a new heart. The day never came. Paul passed away on October 4, 2002, his brother's birthday. It will be day that I, my family and his brother will have to cope with day after day. I ask myself everyday "why him"? I prayed while Paul fought for his life that the Lord would take me and spare Paul. Why should a 12 year old boy endure so much pain. I cherish the memories I have of Paul, always smiling and making jokes. I know I have angel in heaven and he finally has the chance to meet his grandfather, Gerald Paul Mullin. I know I will be reunited with them both and treasure that thought each day.

Forever Paul's mom Michele Mullin



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