In Loving Memory of
Mitchell Curtis McGowan II "Master Suave"

My 19 year old son was shot and killed by Hillsborough County Sheriff deputy Robert Ramirez on August 31, 2002. Deputy claims Mitchell lunged at him with knives, witnesses say Mitchell told the deputy to leave him the f_ _ _ alone and was walking away. Ramirez fired 2 shots, my son turned around to face him when Ramirez shot him, the bullet grazed my son's right chest and out his right arm, my son said "Why did you shot me? I wasn't going to hurt you." Ramirez fired again hitting my son in the groin exiting out his right hip. His father and I heard the shots and got there within 4 minutes. Mitchell was lying face down in the dirt with his hands cuffed behind him. I tried to get to him but was forced back by deputies. My son tried to get on his feet twice but deputies shoved him back down. The shooting occured at 12:36a.m., E.M.S was called at 12:51a.m. My son bled to death because they didn't call for help and wouldn't let myself or my husband help him. The county coroner said if he had received medical attention within 10-15 minutes, he would have lived. They took my son's young life.

Gone but never forgotten my son, love you forever, Mom and Dad



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