In Loving Memory of
Michael Robert Goodman

Born August 16, 1955 Left Earth October 15, 2002

My loving and devoted Husband I miss you so.You showed me joy and GREAT Love that I will cherish until we are together again.

Thank You for truly making me feel like the most beautiful person on earth You have always made me feel like I could acheive anything. People tell me how much you always bragged on me. I know you knew I felt the same way about you. Our son is Truly an image of you and has taken the times you spent teaching him to heart. He is very proud of having such a loving and devoted Father like you. You should be proud he is so strong. But that is because he had a great teacher.

Even thought you had a short time here with us you have achieved all the goals you had set. You did good Mike you really did. I was richer than any other women I know.I only hope I helped you live life fully till the end. I Love you for ever.

Your loving and devoted Wife



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