In Loving Memory of
Thomas Edward Hart

Dear Thomas, Almost four months have disappeared since you have left. I know that you are not coming back. I cling to beautiful memories and the belief that you are with God. The memories: what a great pal you were. how much I enjoyed your company. How sensitive you were. How you stood up for everyone. How fair you were---how fair you demanded we become. Your beautiful smile. Your goodness---it radiated from you like light from the sun. Your intelligence and clear-headed sense of what's important. How you took care of your friends. That day you gave food to a homeless person. The day you took time to talk with a homeless person. How funny you were and your smile when I laughed at you. You loved to make me laugh. How you loved being the baby of the family. You loved the lunches I continued to make for you through high school---it was our little joke because you were "too old" for mom to make lunch for you. How we cooked together. How we had debates---you usually won. How you always checked in with us and came home on time. You were, and are, a gift to us. We knew it the moment I found out I was pregnant, the moment I gave birth to you and all through your life. I will never understand how something like this could happen to someone like you---the most "alive" person on earth. God did not do this, but God is with you, and us. Whatever you are doing now, I know that it is important, and that you are doing it well. I look forward to being with you again. I love you.

Mom November 13, 2002



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