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Kellen Turner: April 12, 1983-December 15, 2001

Kellen Turner, a junior at Boca Raton Community High School died on December 15, 2001 along with his older brother, Charles Turner, in a tragic car accident. Charles was driving his brother Kellen to Boca High School to meet his team-mates for a trip to Belle Glade to participate in a Brain Bowl competition. Kellen was a very bright and intelligent student and was very devoted to his team and had his mind set on winning the Brain Bowl competition. Our team was called the "Super Friends," because that was what we were: we were all great friends. Kellen and I and all the other students on the team were so close. We were together in the morning before school, at lunch, and after school. Kellen was so loving and caring and he always had everyone laughing. His loss took a great toll on us and he is greatly missed and will always be. I did not know his older brother, Charles, very well but I'm sure he was just as loving and as caring as his younger brother. On December 15, 2002 it will be a year since Kellen and Charles died on that dreadful morning. Yet I know Kellen would not have wanted us to mourn and be sad on the anniversary of his death.....rather he would have wanted us to be happy and celebrate his life and remember all the good memories we shared with him. So whether you knew Kellen and Charles or not....I encourage everyone to help keep their memories alive by acknowledging the anniversary of their death on December 15.

Collette Brown & Boca High "Brain Bowl Team 2001"



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