In Loving Memory of
Andrew Chubb

My Darling Andrew, I think about you every minute of everyday. I miss you desperately. I miss your beautiful smile, your kindness, your humour, but most of all I miss your Love. It has been 16 months since you were taken from me and I still find I am overwhelmed by my grief, I just can't think of my life without you. I am fighting very hard to ensure your life was not all in vain and I will never allow the authorities, because of their disgusting failures, just cover-up your death, I will NEVER let this happen my baby. I would give everything I have just to be in your arms again, just to touch your beautiful face, just to feel the wonderful love we felt for each other. Oh Andrew, why are you not here? why I am I in all of this pain? My Lover & my best freind. I will love you always...Until we are together as spoons again.. Your ever loving Kerry XxX "REMEMBERANCE" To weep is to long for my beloved. To speak often of is to Remember. To smile is to share in the priceless memories. In my heart, I shall always carry those precious memories. For your life meant the world to me and you taught me so much. You taught me to live, enjoy, cherish, laugh, dream and above all, To Remember Our Time Together.... Kerry Sparrow



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