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Grandma, 1932-2002 You have just left us, and I feel so lonely without you. You have always been my role model. I just cannot stop thinking of you, and my need to be near you. I really want to talk to you once more. I've always had so many questions for you, and I only want to hear what you have to say. I need your advise, and all I have to go on is past conversations. My love for you has never gone unsaid, but I would like to tell you again how much I love you. I'm glad you were here to see my son born. I know you love him, but I just wish he could grow up knowing you as close as I have. I know you have always told me that death is apart of life, but I'm having a hard time accepting this. You have had a full life, but I still want and need more memories with you. I have great memories, but they are all I have now, and it is bitter-sweet. Me, my mom, and Pete went to the George Jones concert you and I were supposed to go to. We thought we would go for you since I had the tickets already, and we all know how much you love him. It was very emotional for all of us. I love you so much. I have good days and bad days. My baby keeps me going. I KNOW I will see you again. Knowing that you will be there to greet me gives me great comfort! I love you with all my heart! You are a Queen! Love, mo

Your Baby Girl



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