In Loving Memory of
Charles Perez Jr.

Hi, My Honey. I really don't know where to start. There is so much that I never got a chance to say to you before you were taken away from me & I have all of these feelings bottled up inside that I don't know how to express now that you are gone. I need you to know just how much I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU. You were my partner, my best friend, my soulmate & my everything & when you passed away my world & my life as I knew it was over. We had so much to look forward to. We have the new house that was shaping up so beautifully & our precious little girl (Charlie-Ann) on the way. I just can't understand why any of this happended, we were so happy & have tried for so long to have a baby & when GOD finally blessed us with our own little miracle he took you away from me before you even got the chance to hear her heartbeat or even see her beautiful face. I honestly don't know how I find the strength to wake up & get out of bed everday because the 1 thing that I lived for in this life is gone. We have been together for over 13 years but that just wasn't enough. I always thought that we would raise our daughter, buy our shore house, retire & grow old together & now I have to face being a widow & a mother at 30. I miss everthing about you. I miss your sweet voice, your handsome good looks, the way you used to play with Angel, your snoring & even your short temper. I am not the same person that I was that horrible day on 10/16/02 when you left me because you took my heart with you & I'll never truly be complete until we are together again. I have been doing alot of reading & all the books say that when it is my time to pass you will be there waiting for me on the other side, God you don't know how much I hope that is true because that & our baby are the only things that keep me going everday. I love more that any words could ever say & you are forever in my heart.

Love Always & Forever - Your Loving Wife Dee-Dee



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