In Loving Memory of
Eric Warren Hudson

Momma's heart and Daddy's little man. 11/22/96 - 11/09/02, we love you and miss you so much, our hearts and lives are shattered, we can't find a way to go on without you. You were the thread that wove our lives. I try to picture you with wings in heaven and sitting on God's lap for your bedtime story. It seems so unfair, you didn't even get to have your 6th birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm so, so sorry for all the things you missed. Daddy and I miss you so much, we would give anything to be able to hold you just one more time. Thank you sweetie, you were the smartest, handsomest little boy in the whole world and Momma still would not trade you for any other. I hope you can't see how sad we are, I want you to be happy and I hope there are tractors in heaven. All my love, Mamma

Rachel & Sam Hudson



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