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Amanda... Almost a year has passed since you passed away, December 11th 2001, and the pain still runs deep within me. For you see a part of me died that day too. I am comforted in knowing that you are safe and free of the pain that bound you to this world, watching over me and guiding me through life. I know you are with me, and always will be...No longer as my best friend, but now as my gaurdian angel. And I will treasure everyday of the fourteen years we had together, although it is hard to not resent the knowledge that we will have no more time together on this Earth. I will always think of you as the beautiful blond headed little girl that volunteered to show me around my first day of kindergarden at a new school, and I know that when my times comes you will be there, anxious to show me around in heaven too. As the one year anniversay of your death approaches, God how quickly it has come, I want to tell you how much I miss you, and let you know I think about you everyday. I love you Baby Amy. Rest in Peace

Your Childhood Friend



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