In Loving Memory of
Caroline Hirth Lynch

To my mother, my teacher, my life saver (literally), my business partner. I wrote this poem for Mother's day 1979, some day I may update it:

I've put her through laughs & tears, joys & fears.
I've pulled her through sand castles & car hastles.
I've put her through trikes & bikes, hikes & spikes.
I've put her through broken bones & broken skin,
Broken phones & broken limb.
I've put her through broken hearts and the top 40 chart.
I put her through cactus & practice.
I've put her through, clowning & frowning, drowning & crowning.
I put her through hot wheels & big wheels.
I put her through blueberry & Doonesbury.
From winter weekend to prom weekend --

....I LOVE HER....

I pulled her through C's & D's.
She pulled me through A's & B's.
She's pulled me through Dover & Rover, Bricks & Ricks.
She's pulled me through stitches & withces.
She's pulled me through the hospital twice, pneumonia more that thrice,
Graduation twice and Scout camp more than thrice.
She's pulled me through Snoopy & Soupy.
She's pulled me through 7 - Eleven to 'Our Father in Heaven'.
She's pulled me through Play Dough & Bread Dough.
She's pulled me through false starts & extra parts.
She's pulled me through joys & fears, laughs & tears.
We've been from Ziggy o Squiggy, from Rexburg to Pittsburgh,
Not to mention Brownsville to Rockville or from wishing to fishing.
From "A" to "between you and me..."


in Memory of:
Caroline Hirth Lynch
15 Feb 1935 to 9 May 2002

We all miss you mom (for now)
You live in our hearts until we will meet again.

Richard Lynch-- [email protected]



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