In Loving Memory of
Ramon "Ray" Nieves Menchaca Jr.

It was so sad the day we lost you. We were sad for so many reasons. You had finally learned what love of family really meant. You had just met a new young lady who taught you that sex was not Love. She would have given you the new beginning that you were searching for. It is so sad that you had just found out that you had a young son and you would never get to know him. You also left a young daughter and your family the Menchaca's that Loved you. We never had to learn to love you we always loved you from the first day we found out about you, before you were born. I know you finally realized that we all loved you probably even more during your rebellious times when you thought no one knew more than you. Just know we did love you unconditionally even when you got into situations you couldn't get out of we were still there and continued to love you. You were finally growing up and starting to know that you were loved and that was good. You were finally starting to have faith in yourself and your life. You were still the little boy we loved so dearly but, you were growing into the young man we all continue to love. We all miss you so very much. You are never out of our minds or our hearts. You are always in our prayers and our dreams. You are now in peace and you are not alone..... All of our Love, Your family the Menchaca's Your Dad Ramon Nieves and wife Gloria Menchaca, your cousins Raquel, Daniel, and your new step-sister Jennifer, your sister April and her new husband Mario Gallegos, your brother Jason his wife Kelly, you niece Madisyn Ray, and future addition to the Menchaca's your nephew Jason Snow Menchaca Jr. your Uncle Robert, Aunt Betty, your cousins, Ashley, Melinda, Rodger B. and Tony Menchaca and families, your Uncle Benito, Aunt Josie and cousins Yvette Menchaca, Ethan and Corey Evans, Raymond, Cookie, and Michael and families, and your Aunt Hortensia Menchaca, Uncle Johnny Avina, cousins Angela her husband John and our granddaughter Malena Portillo, Johnny Jr., and our grandson Nicholas, Your Popo Bentio Menchaca Sr, Grandma Ramona Garcia Menchaca and all of the Menchaca Families which are just to many to list. You came from a home filled with Love and you are loved and we all know that you knew this with all of your heart and soul cause you are a Menchaca, a born Menchaca.

Your Aunt Hortensia Menchaca Avina and Uncle Johnny E. Avina Sr.



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