In Loving Memory of
Margaret L. Webb

Momma Itís been just seven days, Since you have left this world. Seven long days of heartache, For your little girl. You are always in my thoughts, And forever on my mind. I have wished several times, You would come back to those you left behind. My life will go on, As they said it would. This pain that Iím living with, Is doing me more harm than good. If you and I could change things, You would come back to comfort me. For I do know, that you are in a better place, That one day I too, will see. I miss you more than words can say. My heart will NEVER healÖ, Itís so hard to make them understand, Just how bad this truly feels. For what this may be worth, Iím moving on with my life. Everything for a reason, Including heartache and strife. I know that itís been hard for others, As for what to say and do. For when it comes to replacing you, There are NO SUBSTITUTES !!! All things for a reason, I really do believe, Since I have to live without you, A better mom Iíll be..... For now I take nothing for granted, I think of you in everyway, I have learned to count my blessings, As to live day by day. For tomorrow is no promise, That I must learn to live. If you are granted here today, Give all you have to give............... I LOVE YOU MOMMA

To My Momma, All I Am is Because of You, I Love You, Theresa



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