In Loving Memory of
Stacey Mulsow

One day when God felt generous, He looked at me and smiled. "Since I feel so magnanimous, I'd like to give you something child." He asked me what I wanted. I said, "Oh, really nothing more. You've done so much already." He said, "That's what God is for." "You have been pretty good." He said. "I know there isn't much you seek. I will pick a little something, Just to make your life complete." With great anticipation, I looked forward to my gift. I wondered what God had in mind That would give me such a lift. "This gift," God said, "you realize Bears some responsibility, So if you accept my present, You must be willing to agree.... To offer unconditionally, A section or a part, Of more than half of you, The larger portion of your heart." "OK God," I answered, "Since in you I always trust. I'll meet your obligation, In the manner that I must" To myself I thought..Wow! What a gift! For so much of me, God's asked Now what could be so valuable, That my share was more than half? With both hands I sought my gift, I did not have a clue, Then God put your hand in mine. His gift to me was you. Stacey, Your cousins miss you greatly, more than you could ever imagine. We wish you peace.

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