In Loving Memory of
Brett Warren Robert Maragno

MY BIG BROTHER Today we will gather to say goodbye, to my beautiful brother, And yes we will cry. We will cry for the cavern that is left in our heart, For now we and Brett must sadly part. My brother has made me the person I am today, He taught me acceptance and compassion for those who pass my way. For those who are different, but what is normal? For those more apt to be thrift store than formal. Brett was unique and special to those he knew, We were blessed for those years, although much too few. Mental Illness may have plagued his mind, But in all the world there was none so kind. As I go through my life I will take him along, In my mind, in my heart, in my work, in my song. He gave me his love, his thought and his prayers, And I always knew just how much he cares. You will live forever in my heart and in my memories... Your Little Sister, Mindy IN LOVING MEMORY OF MY BROTHER, BRETT, 11/22/61 - 09/05/02

Mindy Banuelos Hesperia, CA God bless all of our angels who have passed before us...



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