In Loving Memory of

heart and soul is what i thought you ever had.Always giving never taking untill the day you went away.when you died you took my heart with you.It was like you reached in and ripped it outta my chest.The hole i have will never heal.The guilt i feel will never go away.You have always been my hero sis even though you never knew. The tears flow every day..Is this hell I ask myself.Was there something i could have done to prevent this. I want you to know sis that your lil ones miss you desprately and will always love you.I talk all the time about you to them.They will never forget you . You know i am not a religous person but i have prayed since you went away.I pray that some day we will be together again .I would do anything to have one more day with you one more minute. I love you col and i am sorry.




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