In Loving Memory of
Lois June VanElsberg

Lois June VanElsberg was my mother.
A person with the rare quality of being beautiful on the inside as well as out.
She was a talented artist of many talents.
Unfortunately she spent her whole life fighting a condition that took a great toll on her life, robbing her of many years of life.
She was the longest known recipient of the heart valve in history.

When the good lord took her to heaven, he decided she had enough of what life offered her and it was time to give her the love she has deserved for so long.
For that I am so gratefull for.
I know he has taken her pain and she is happy and safe with God.

Other than his love for her, there can never be a greater love than the one between a child and her mother.
One of God's greatest acheivements.
HE had really out done himself that time!
If for one minute, that I thought that I might never see my precious mother again, I can't tell you what kind of explosion it would create inside of me.
This is just one of those times when you NEED to have faith in God.
For never was alove like the one God has for us,and with all that love I feel we will be together again someday.

Mom, I love you, and I know your with me.

Your loving daughter, Lori Jean Devine



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