In Loving Memory of
Robert Daniel Crawford

3/17/82 - 9/14/99

Moving On

As I sit here and wait in the silence of the night
I canít seem to keep my eyes closed tight
Your hair, your clothes, your eyes, and smile
Will be etched in my mind for quite a while
Forever, In fact, I will keep it intact
The last I remember, the last Iíve seen
Your beautiful big smile is what I mean
Youíve moved on to a much better place
To see our heavenly Fatherís face
And now as we all lay you down to rest
We can only pray and hope for the best
You brought us all such great laughter and joy
You were such a happy and precious boy
We all miss you so very much
If only we could give you just one last touch
And now you live with peace and harmony
In the most wonderful place you could ever be
Now I believe this had to be fate
And that youíll be my Angel waiting at heavens gate.

We Love You and Miss You Very Much!
Your Family and Friends



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