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MY ONCE IN A LIFETIME LOVE---MAXINE--- Nearly nine years ago you came into my life and little did I know that you would affect me forever. You have now suddenly been taken from me, your children, and all your friends and relatives. I have NEVER loved anyone as much as I love you and I never will. Rarely in this world can anyone hope to be with a true soulmate. There is nothing about you that I did not like. In my eyes you were the one. As much love as I had for you, you had just as much love for me. You were beautiful in every way, funny, smart, giving, and understanding. It makes me feel good inside knowing that I always told you how special and wonderful you were. No matter what happened in our times together, good or bad, we both knew we could find comfort and love in each other. You were always there for me no matter what the situation was and I could tell you things I couldn't tell anyone else. I am eternally grateful and thankful for the time that we did have together and now I am so lost and afraid on how to live without you. Although it is not fair for someone as special as you to go so soon and without warning, I have no regrets and I was thankful to you for holding on long enough so I could have a chance to make peace and some closure before you left us. I admire you so much for the way you lived your life because you had to overcome so many obstacles so that you could provide a better life for your kids and help them and others in any way possible before you would yourself. You taught me strength, perseverance and humbleness that I will carry with me forever. You taught me to appreciate the little things in life and to treasure the moments I have with my mother and my children as well as those around me. I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, there will always be something that will remind me of you. I know how you hated for people to feel sorry for you so I will always think of you and smile and reminisce of our short but precious time together. Everyone who has been lucky enough to have been graced by your presence is in some way a better human being because of you, whether you realized it or not. I have never and will never experience the wonderful emotions of happiness, love, commitment, and security that you gave me. Now I must face the hardest part of my life, and that is somehow living without you and the bond we have. We were without a doubt meant for each other and I only wish we could have been together for many more years to come. I am so scared on how to carry on. However, I know that you will always be with me in spirit and I can talk to you anytime I need to. Although I would do anything to still have you with us, I believe God has a reason to take you to that special place in Heaven where you can be surrounded by total peace and happiness. You have been my once in a lifetime love, and I can't wait to join you in Heaven someday. I will try to carry out the things you would want me to do such as be a part of your children's lives and to take care of your fourth baby, our baby, Daisy. Even though so much of my heart and soul has been ripped out of me, you have given me enough love and true happiness that would last me a lifetime. I LOVE YOU MAXINE, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.---NOEL---



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