In Loving Memory of
Our Seven Heavenly Baby Lengyel Angels

I know your life here on earth was very short, and I wish I could have held your tiny little hands so you didn't have to die alone. I will never forget the joy you all had brought me in those short months that I carried you. Even though I will never be able to see your smiles or the twinkle in your beautiful eyes or know you completely I know that you are in heaven watching down on your dad, brother and I. God sent the angels to take you home to the heavens in the skies. One little girl, and one little boy and the other five little angels that we can only close our eyes and imagine what you would've been. Deep down inside we feel the pain my tears fall like rain my heart breaks with every sigh my little babies taken away somewhere in the skies God looking down on this place where your dad brother and I would've rather of seen and kissed your faces and held you and embraced you. Tears of sadness all the madness when does it all end. I hoped and prayed that each and everyone of you would have been ok. But God had other plans. He stuck out his hand and took you to the heavens above to the Eternal lands.

Love and hugs for all eternity, Mommy, Daddy and Dougie Lengyel



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