In Loving Memory of
Ray Menchaca

It is so hard to believe you have been gone for two years now. I never imagined I could live a day without you. But I know I must go on for the little angel you left behind. She is my strength. It is so hard to look into her eyes and see someone you will never know. It is only when I look at her baby pictures that I can see someone you loved so much. I know you love her the same from Heaven, but it is just hard to not have you here with me to watch her grow. I told you every chance I had that I loved you and I will say it again and again till the day I die. You are the love of my life and you gave me so much joy in the short time I had you. 'Til we meet again my sweetdaddy!! Love you- Kris and Alyssa Rae!



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