In Loving Memory of

Today is his birthday, he'd be a year old...but it seems like just yesterday he died. Clayton was with us for 19 days...not long enough by any standard. We prayed and prayed for his recovery, and we still believe that God heard every prayer...but sometimes God says no. You see, he had something better for our Clayton. He made him perfect. Clayton will never again feel pain...Clayton will never shed another tear. Now we feel the pain of his loss, and countless tears have been cried. Sometimes we just whisper his name. Clayton...Clayton...if only he were here, if only we could hold him in our arms. Happy birthday, Clayton Layne. We love you and we miss you. While you're walking with Jesus, ask him to protect your new baby sister. Ask him if you can give her a kiss before he sends her to earth...then maybe it will be like you're sending us a kiss from heaven...

19 days in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts. We love you, Clayton Layne. Happy Birthday.



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