In Loving Memory of
Robert Julian Avendano (aka Robbie, aka Rob Dawg, aka RJA)

Dear Robbie, 01/12/03 In Hawaii . . . Ohana means Family, and Robbie you are Family. You are my brother, my mentor, and my best friend . . . you're the greatest. Ohana means Family and Family means, "Nobody gets left behind". Robbie thanks for never, ever, ever leaving me behind, you were always there for me through thick and thin. So I know for sure I will see you again. Ohana means Family and Family means, "Nobody get left behind" or "forgotten". Robbie you touched so many people with your love, thanks for all the great times and all the vivid memories that are installed in my heart . . . I will never forget you. I think it's so unfair that your life was cut so short , but I know I will see you at the gates of heaven and you'll be wearing those low cut Adidas basketball shoes you loved wearing and you'll be picking me up in your purplish Ford Mustang with a box of Church's chicken, just like old times. Robbie you are "Ohana" and everything I do will have a touch of you with me to give me strength. Say it isn't so Rob; I can't believe you're gone. I'm really missing you a lot and I love you bro! Until we meet again. . . Aloha my brother . . . Aloha, Pancho Kid-Kia (aka Frankie) ~ That was the letter I read to my best friend the day of his Rosary, he died so young of a heart-attack the 11th of January. I don't have anything against education, but I'm so disapponted with all the "Small Colleges and Universities", for letting the best player pound for pound to play the game of basketball walk away from the game of basketball. I miss you Robbie and I love you my brother, I pray for you every day and night. Try your hardest to come down and visit me, just to hang out. Try Rob, please try. I love you man. Panch ~

Frankie Albert Naeole Kia (aka Pancho Kid-Kia)



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