In Loving Memory of
ada virgina white

dear ada: i am so sorry i was no there to help you, as you have always helped joan and i. You are missed so deeply i do not know if i can make it. I miss you calls on halloween, thankingiving, and christmas. i want to tell everyone how great you are how kind you were to everyone. You will always be remember in our hearts and souls. you made my children happy, no wait you made their lives wonderful without you they would have no christmas, food or the love of one person who care so much. Your patients would come up to me and ask " your ada sister " and i would proudly say yes!!!!!! you made me the woman i am today you taught me how to love and and be loved how can i let go of you, your in heaven now speaking with god. I know he will take care of you as you did for us. Can you see me? i am painting now oh ada you would not believe it i miss so much lord help me, i know he will your my dearest friend sister, mother and yes we stilll play with dolls. ada let the columbia people know that their famlies are pray for everyday ada tell tanya to call me i love you ilove you. Ada remember how much we talk will i was about to call you, my heart is broken but i know you would want me to be good your dearest loving and so along sister jane

jane rocky joan jj and nadine



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